Board Members

These individuals serve on our design board to help bring different perspectives from around the schools. They represent all different types of disciplines, from science teachers to principal to students to office staff. 


Erick Finnestead - Principal

Erick Finnestread is the Principal of Silver Creek High School. He has taken the lead of this project when it comes to decisions and talking to the teachers and getting their opinions. He is also keeping the SVVSD board members in the loop of what is going on in the process of the expansion.


Jennifer Thong-

Jennifer has been working with the Eidos, the architect that SVVSD has brought on for this project,  since 1989! She is passionate about K-12 school design and 21st Century Learning. She is always exploring how the design of a school can enhance the education and learning experience for the students.



Brain Janssen

Brain is working with Fransen Pittman, the general contractors that SVVSD has brought on to work on this expansion project.  



Gary Frantz

Garry is the Project Manager for this project and has a long history with project management.