Challenges with my Project


Man of Many Hats

This project was a lot more than just building a website, even though that was a large portion. I faced a number of challenges trying to tackle different skills I originally didn't think related to my project.  

  • I drew a lot of images and blueprints to showcase what was happening with the building; in a sense I was practicing drawing and amateur architecture.
  • I was tasked with surveying students about locker use and furniture preferences.
  • I organized a school wide signing of a beam that was to be used in the construction of the building.
  • I conducted interviews with the principal and the construction workers to get information about the expansion.

Biggest challenge

The biggest challenge I had was finding out how bureaucracy worked in the school environment. After I first got the website up it started growing, just as I hoped, but it got too big. I was contacted by the communications department of the district. They pointed out how some of my information about the 2016 bond was not technically accurate. In order to make sure the rest of the website was up to district standards I had to temporarily take down the website. I needed to edit the information featured on the website. After I completed the edits I would send my revised version to the communications department. They would review it and send a few more edits my way. This repeated until everything was within district standards. The process took about three months, that was three months the website wasn't receiving views. Luckily, in February the website went live. However, one of the conditions to posting new material on the site was I first had to send everything to the communications department to get it approved. One page I made had to get approved by two parties because of the material within the page. This process took two weeks and taught me more about bureaucracy than a textbook ever could. Regardless, even after I got the site back up, the viewership never got back to where it was when it first started out. I learned bureaucracy is just about anywhere in any job and I’m glad I realized that now because I will be prepared for it in the future.