Erick Finnestead

Mr. Finnestead, the principal of Silver Creek High School, came to me with this project at the beginning of the year as an idea for my Senior Capstone Project. I jumped on the train as soon as I heard about it. I loved the idea of learning how to build a website and learning about one of the branches of business, marketing. He helped me come up with ideas to make my project more than just a website. He was the one that had the idea for the beam signing and the furniture survey. He has been a great mentor for this project and I am very happy with how he helped me through this project.

Personal Connections

I dove into this project because it had a lot of attractive elements to it. I was able to see what the marketing side of business was like and determine it was not what I wanted to do with my future. I was also able to bring in my passion for technology to the project by designing the website, taking timelapses, and editting some media for the website.

Contacts made


Matt Stoub

Matt is with Edios Architects and communicates with Fransen Pittman about what needs to be done. I met him during the DAG meetings and he was very helpful in sending me blueprints and building plans so I could get a better understanding of the project.


Jennifer Thong

Jennifer is also with Edios Architects and she plays more of a leadership role with the project. She is the Principal for this project, advising and helping Matt. 


Ryan Tedford

Ryan is the Fransen Pittman superintendent of the project. Him and Travis have worked on many different project together and make a great team. I was able to sit down with both of them to interview them about the changes they are making to our school.


Travis Smith

Travis is the Fransen Pittman Project manager. Him and Ryan have worked on many different projects together and make a great team. I was able to sit down with both of them to interview them about the changes they are making about the school. Travis has also been my main contact with the construction project.


Chad Nelson

Chad has helped me with the design of the website. Teaching me how to make a website flow the best for the viewer. I only met with him once, but he was very helpful with the website design side of my project. 


Caroline Grundy

Caroline is the Marketing and Communications Specialist for SVVSD. She has helped me check all my pages to make sure they are all within the district standards and don't misinform the community.


Matthew Wiggins

Matthew was the old Director of Communications for SVVSD. He was the first Director that I met with to make sure my website was within district standards.


Kerri McDermid

Kerri is the current Director of Communications for SVVSD.