What is SCLA

SCLA creates leaders from the ground up. We're committed to creating rock-solid students that will make excellent university students and, in turn, will become future leaders prepared for anything the world can throw at them. Students acquire 21st century skills in a balanced curriculum that's both practical and specific, including:

  • Citizenship
  • Critical Thinking
  • Real-world Problem Solving
  • Communication Skills
  • Information Literacy
  • Collaboration Methods and Expertise
  • Self-direction and Independent Thinking Skills
  • Innovation
  • Decision-based Design Thinking
  • Conflict Management
  • Project Management

Capstone Projects


GEMS Day Capstone

Phoebe Norman


Sea the Change Capstone

Emma Pearson

What are Capstone Projects?

After completing three years of SCLA classes, students move onto their fourth and final SCLA class where they focus solely on their capstone projects. These projects aim to improve/help the school or community through a passion that the student has developed over their high school years. 


SCLA Capstone expo Logo.jpg


Expo is a night where all the seniors present to the community about what they plan on doing in the coming year to impact the school or community.


Evening of excellence

Evening of Excellence is a night where all the seniors present about what they have accomplished in the past year. Reflecting on what they did right and how they could've improved on. At the end of the night, seniors are given awards and 3-4 presenters are chosen to speak on stage to the community about the process of their capstone project, including their successes and their roadblocks.