Scheme E: The Victor

Scheme E was chosen because it offers the most classrooms to the school while also consolidating the science classrooms to E wing, moving the all the wet labs to upper E because it is cheaper to run plumbing to the second story. Currently, we will have to axe one or more parts of the scheme due to budgetary issues, whether thats one of the community rooms or not making the classrooms added on to the end of E-Wing science classrooms. However, we do have a few key features we loved about Scheme E, regardless of whether or not they get axed

8:14 Upper E Blueprint.png

e-wing extension

This extension will add 3 science classrooms per floor to the end of E-Wing!

8:14 Lower C Blueprint.png

Community Rooms

This shows the community room in between upper E-Wing and upper D-Wing. Allowing teachers to have more breakout sessions!

8:14 Lower C Blueprint.png

C-wing renovations

The C-Wing will be renovating the 2 current science classrooms into 3 normal classrooms!