Bond Measure

Currently, the Longmont community is home to 86,270 residents, with 15,157 students attending 28 schools in the area. Growth projections indicate student enrollment to increase by 11.2%, resulting in 16,855 students in the year 2022. 


Even if you don't have a student in SVVSD, the Bond Measure still benefits you. The quality of local schools can increase property values and public safety. Additionally, strong public schools help create and maintain local businesses and corporations, which creates well-paying jobs.


95% of K-12 aged children living in the St. Vrain Valley attend a public school. 



Since 2010, St. Vrain Valley Schools has
refinanced bonds to lower interest rates, saving taxpayers more than $32 million over the life of
the bonds. 




St. Vrain Valley Schools' annual enrollment is increasing SIGNIFICANTLY each year, with total enrollment currently exceeding 32,000 PK-12 students. With the population of Longmont currently EXCEEDING 92,000 that means our schools make up 1/3 of our population