Scheme B

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  • Interesting design by connecting C-Wing and D-Wing through a one story hallway

  • Creates a court years area for teachers to take kids to for an outdoor class

  • Just change the 2 science classrooms into 3 normal classrooms instead of the normal C-Wing design

  • Change all of lower D to be general science classrooms

  • 2 wet-labs in upper D with 4 lecture spaces for teachers to teach and then break out into the labs, sharing the space

  • Room in the middle of upper D would be removed to make room for 2 collaboration spaces for classes

  • Extended bathroom in upper D

  • The 2 existing science classrooms in both upper and lower E-Wing would each be changed into 3 normal classrooms

  • Extended bathroom in upper E

Lower Floor

Upper Floor


While this design was an interesting thought, it wasn't not realistic. The skin to floor ratio was too high and would more than likely blow the budget, along with the school not needing a bridge between C and D wing because there is not enough traffic.