Scheme D Alt

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  • Similar to Scheme D except:

    • Move all general science classrooms to lower D-Wing

    • Change existing 2 science classrooms in upper and lower E-Wing each into 3 normal classrooms

  • Extend E-Wing by 3 classrooms on each floor

  • Consolidate all science wet-labs to upper D-Wing

  • Convert current teacher lunch room in upper D-Wing into prep room for all 4 wet labs 

  • Convert current middle room at the end of upper D-Wing into teacher lunch room

  • Keep general science rooms where they are currently

  • Extend bathroom in both upper D-Wing and upper E-Wing

Lower Floor

Upper Floor


This scheme fixed the negatives of not having the general science classrooms consolidated. However, this design caused the general science rooms to be small when compared to the current science classrooms, which the science teachers of the building did not like.