Scheme F

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  • Creates a two-story hallway connecting D-Wing and E-Wing

  • Creates a court yard area for outdoor classes 

  • Keeps general science rooms where they are currently

  • Moves all the science wet-labs to upper D-Wing

  • Makes 1 of the 3 classrooms on each floor in the connecting hallway a general science classroom 

  • Extends the bathrooms in both upper D-Wing and E-Wing

  • Changes teacher lunch room in upper D-Wing into prep room for science wet-labs

  • Changes middle room at the end of D-Wing into teacher lunch room

  • Connecting hallway adds 4 general classrooms 

Lower Floor

Upper Floor


Scheme F helped alleviate traffic in the hallways by connecting the two busiest wings of the school. It also created a court yard that could be a positive or negative addition to the school. It also consolidated the science classrooms by connecting the two wings with science in them. By building the connecting hallway, less classrooms would have to be renovated. However, this design would likely blow the budget because the skin to floor ratio is so low, along with the costs of building a court yard.