Twitter was the platform I got the most traffic to the website from. Although I was unfamilar with the website I was easily able to grasp the interface. Later in the year I realized the more hashtags I used the more people started to follow me, people I didn't even know. I know that may seem pretty obvious to most people, but to me it was new because I never used hashtags before and only followed people knew in real life. In total I tweeted 56 times and got 72 people to visit the website from this social media platform. 




Instagram was another monster to tackel. It was the easiest to get followers and likes on, but I recieved half the amount of traffic to the website compared to twitter. I believe the main reason for this is because Instagram doesn't allow you to put a link in your posts like Twitter does; you can only put one link in your bio. I posted on Instagram a total of 40 times and got 43 people to visit the website from this social media platform.




Facebook was weird, I always meant to create a Facebook page but I never did. However, this social media platform was just as effective as Instagram even though I didn't have a Facebook page. I sent the link of my website to Facebook pages that had relevant audiences to direct traffic to my site. These Facebook pages included Altona Middle School, Silver Creek High School, and Fransen Pittman. I got 41 people to visit the website from this social media platform.

School Website



This was by far the best source of traffic for my website. It makes sense too, people who want to see news about the school will go through the school website. The link for the website was put under the 'Quick Links' section of the school website listed as 'Construction Website'. It was third from the top which I think helped with visabilty because people didn't have to scroll down to see the link. At the beginning of the year the website link was on the scrolling banner and the website recieved a lot more visits from the school website because it was so much more visiable. Before the site was taken down and therefore taken off the school website, the scroll wheel pushed 455 people to the site. After the website went back up and the link on the school website was put under the 'Quick Links' instead of the scroll wheel, only 100 people were refered to the Expansion website from the school website. In total 555 people visited the website through the school website

In person Networking/Email Newsletters

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 11.41.17 AM.png


The reason these are combined into one category is because in the metrics for the website it has three categories it tracks: Referral (school website), Social (instagram, Twitter, etc.), and Direct. There is no way to track how people got the URL for the website, all we know is they didn't do anything other than click on the link in an email or enter in the URL to a browser. I handed out business cards during events like Expo, presentaions, and dinners I attended with SCLA. The cards had the URL to the website in the upper right hand corner (as shown in the right picture) and hopefully that directed people to the website. Another way they could've got to the website directly is by email newsletters. I was able to reach out to several people who had relivent audiences to my project and get the link to news letters going out to the Silver Creeek, Blue Mountain, Eagle Crest, and Altona communities. In total, I recieved 482 visits from direct traffic.